New Cracow Friendship Society, Inc.


The NCFS is a Holocaust Survivor organization created to unite survivors from Cracow, Poland and its vicinity.  The survivors joined by their family and friends, share a common philosophy that has guided the membership since its inception in 1965.

The aims and purposes of the Society are clearly outlined in the Preamble of its constitution which states:"...uniting Jewish Polish survivors of the district of Cracow...developing and elevating the mental and moral character of the people of our faith:  of promoting the principles of philanthropy, honor and patriotism."  To strengthen our ties "with our Brothers throughout the world and particularly Israel: to help the poor and needy: to bring cultural and social events to the members."

The quest for perpetuating the memory of our martyrs and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust through education, philanthropic, and social activities were foremost on the minds of the Society’s founders.  The Society strives to keep its unique family, friendship, and ancestries alive.

In the forty seven years of the Society’s existence, we have built a framework of remembrance, commitment, and camaraderie of enormous proportions. We now look forward to attracting the 2nd and 3rd generation of our survivor’s offsprings to join with us as we move forward in the 21st century.