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Survivors and subsequent generation members have publications in a wide variaty of gendres:  
Holocaust, Scholarly, Historic, Biographical, etc. .. 

 New Cracow Friendship Society Publications:
Memorial journal in honor of Jews from Cracow perished 1939-1945.
             Published 1967 by [s. n. in Jamaica, N. Y . Steven Spielberg digital Yiddish library -- no. 04239
              and some pages ublished on Jewishgen  
      -  Silver Anniversary Journal, Tribute to the culture of Polish JewryPublished 1990
     -  40th Anniversay Journal,  Second and Third Generation give tribute to Survivors: Published 2005
       -  50th Anniversary Journal,  Celebrating the Societies Accomplishments:  Published 2015 
       -  Two millennia of great Jewish personalities by Roman Weingarten (Author) Published 1995   
       -  Mordechai Gebirtig His Poetric and Musical Legacy      Published 2000             

1.   Melvin J. Bukiet: 
Nothing Makes You Free  Writings by Descendants of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
Melvin Jules BukietEditor-Melvin Jules BukietMelvin Bukiet   Published 2003 by W. W. Norton & Company
-     Undertown:  Published March 2013 
Signs ans Wonders: A Novel: Published April 2000
Strange Fire: A Novel  Nov 17, 2002
-     Scribblers on the Roof: Contemporary Jewish Fiction:
 by Melvin Jules Bukiet and David G. Roskies  Published July 2006
-      Naked Came the Post-Postmodernist: A Mystery: by Sarah Lawrence College Writing Class and Melvin Jules Bukiet  Nov. 2013  

2.  Malvina Graf:  The Krakow Ghetto and the Plaszow Camp Remembered, Published: April, 1989

3.  Erna Hilfstein PhD. (1924-2003)
-    Starowolski's biographies of Copernicus: Published: 1980
-    Nicholas Copernicus Complete Works:  
vol. I, 1972, vol. II, 1978, vol. III, 1985
-   The Leviathan in the State Theory of Thomas Hobbs MEANING AND FAILURE OF A POLITICAL SYMBOL   
Translated by George Schwab and Erna Hilfstein,  Published 1996, 2008
-   Science and History : studies in honor of Edward Rosen  by Erna Hilfstein; Paweł Czartoryski; et al
      Publisher: Wrocław ; Warszawa [etc.]:  Polish Academy of Sciences Press, 1978.

4.  Annette Insdorf PhD.
-   TRUFFAUT,  Cambridge University Press 1994
-    INDELIBLE SHADOWS: Film and the Holocaust, Third edition, Cambridge University Press 2003
-    FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT: Les films de sa vie ​,  Editions Gallimard 1996, Italian translation: Electa 1997
-    DOUBLE LIVES, SECOND CHANCES: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski,  Northwestern University​ Press 2013
-  ​  PHILIP KAUFMAN,  University of Illinois Press 2012​ 
-    INTIMATIONS: THE CINEMA OF WOJCIECH HAS,  Northwestern University Press, May 2017

5. Victor Lewis (1919-2009); "What it Took for One Jewish Man to Survive the Holocaust:
      The Story of Victor Lewis;
December 11, 2000; published online by the Holocaust Education & Archive
      Research Team

6.  Nathan Offen:  To Life! A story of Survival  Published:  Jun 26, 2009

7.  Samuel Offen: (     - 2012)  When Hope Prevails: The Personal Triumph of a Holocaust Survivor, Published:May, 2005

8.  Markus Reich:  “ So this is where I'm going to die" : Markus Reich's story” Survivors : true stories of children in the
    Holocaust by Allan Zullo and Mara Bovsu,
 ISBN:0439669960  Published: New York : Scholastic, c2004

9. Shelly Tenenbaum   Jewish Immigrant Associations and American Identity in New York, 1880-1939
.   ArticleinAmerican Jewish History 88(2):314-317 · January 200

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