From the beginning, it was clear to the Founders that numerically we were bound to remain a small organization. Our goal was to develop and preserve the group through intensive vitality in spirit and deed.

1.  To creation and maintain a welfare fund to aid needy Jewish Survivors residing in Cracow and Jewish Cracovians residing in the United States and Israel.  This is an ongoing function.

2.  To establish a
Scholarship Fund to assist needy students at the Municipal High school #5 in Tel Aviv.  For over 30 years this program has helped hundreds of students to accomplish their educational goals.

3.  To support the State of Israel through fundraising as needed. 
In the aftermath of the 1967 war, the Society has provided five fully equipped ambulances to the Mogen David Adom.  In 2003 we provided one ambulance.

4.  To support, as of  1973, “AKIM”, the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Mentally Handicapped Children in Israel, which grew through the years.

5. To hold an
annual memorial service to commemorate our Martyrs and the liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto on or near March 13 of each year. 

6.  To hold an annual Israeli Bond Drive.  Established in 1970, and now also run by the Second Generation. We are proud of the tremendous support by our members and friends. 
As of 2004, our organization generated over 22 million dollars in Israeli Bonds.

7. To publish a bi-monthly 
newsletter that reaches all members on a regular basis. 

8. To publish 
Journals to commemorate various milestones in the organization growth.  Four Journals have been published to date.

9.  To provide social functions and gatherings for our members and friends.

10. To publish an informative website for members and non-members in an effort to reach an international audience.

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