The New Cracow Friendship Society was founded in the year 1965 by Holocaust Survivors from the city of Krakow* Poland  for the purpose of uniting all Survivors from this area under the banner of one organization.   Since the founding, we have expanded our membership to include the regions of Polish Galicia. This society is based in the New York Metropolitan area, yet is comprised of members from thoughout the U.S.A., Europe and Israel.

In 1965 the first priority for the thirteen founders was two fold: To sustain spiritual contact with the past and to insure a meaningful future. Thus programs were developed linking the need of remembering the past to projects that would benefit the poor, the underprivileged and the disabled.  This lead to the establishment of a “Living Memorial” for those who are no longer among the living.

- Developing and elevating the mental and moral character of
  the people of our faith.

- Promoting the principles of philanthropy, honor and

- To strengthen our ties with our brethren throughout the world
   and particularly in Israel.

- To help the poor and the needy.

- To bring cultural and social events to our members.

- Keep all members abreast of all issues related to Jewish  
  matters such as restitution.
- Inform all members of activities in other Jewish organizations   
  such as: 
 Claims Conference, NAHOS, World Jewish  
  Congress, Hidden Children Foundation, American gathering of  
  Jewish Holocaust survivors and others.

Today, our mission remain the same as established by our founders, with the addition of relevant programs for subsequent generation that are socially, educationally and  philanthropic.

 Foremost on the minds of the Society’s founders was the quest for perpetuating the memory of our martyrs and to teach the lessons of the Holocaust through education, philanthropic, and social activities. The Society strives to keep its unique family, friendship, and ancestry alive.

  In the over fifty two years of the Society’s existence, we have built a framework of remembrance, commitment, and camaraderie.  

As clearly outlined in the Preamble of our constitution our misssion states: “ … . unite Jewish Polish survivors of the district of Cracow and all Polish Galicia  ... develop and elevate the mental and moral character of the people of our faith, … promote the principles of philanthropy, honor and patriotism ... strengthen our ties with our brethren throughout the world and particularly Israel, … help the poor and needy ……. bring cultural and social events to the members.”                         

* Acceptable spelling variations:  Cracow, Krakow, or Kraków.

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