Membership Renewal

New Cracow Friendship Society
          Membership Renewal                                                                                                                                                        

 Print out and mail the completed application and appropriate membership fee to:

New Cracow Friendship Society
c/o Ms. Ida  Lewis
147-17 78 Rd.
Flushing, N.Y.  11367

Enclosed please find my membership application and dues for the calendar year 20 __ __.

Name: ______________________ _________________________    Maiden _______________________

Mobile Number:______________________

DOB:  ________________ Birth Place_______________ Occupation: __________________________


Spouse’s Name: _______________________ __________________ Maiden _____________________

Mobile Number:   __________________

DOB:  __________________ Birth Place_________________Occupation: _______________________

Home Number: ___________________________________________

Summer/Winter Address: _________________________________________________________________

Other phone number: ________________________________________   

Anniversary Date: ______________________________

Children’s Names: _____________________________________________________________

Family Membership: $40.00   Single Membership:  $25.00   

Contribution:  ______ $36   ______ $54    ______$72   ______$180     ______$360  ______other

 $_____Membership  +   $ _____ contribution   =  Total $ ________

As our membership fees have been increased only once since 1965, so  additional contributions are one way to defray operation costs and enable continued philanthropic work as a non profit organization. Print and mail in renewal application with a check payable to NCFS or submit dues + donate online with all information requested (provide updated e-mail, mailing address, home and mobile phone numbers,  and payment instructions).  Your membership information will only be used by the NCFS.  Members in good standing can acquire cemetery plots if available.  More information will be provided upon request.   
For further assistance contact the membership committee by mail or by 
e-mailMembership acceptance is available regardless of ability to pay dues. 

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