The New Cracow Friendship Society, Inc.

The New Cracow Friendship Society  (NCFS) is a non-profit international Holocaust Survivors organization established in 1965 to unite survivors from Krakow* Poland and vicinity.  Our membership includes survivors, second and subsequent generations with Holocaust ancestral roots from Krakow, Poland and the pre-war Polish Galicia Regions.

Persons of Holocaust era ancestry from the Polish Galicia Regions are welcome to join our Society.  Visit our membership page or contact us by via e-mail for more details and further assistance. 

Today, our mission remain the same as established by our founders, with the addition of relevant programs for subsequent generation that are social, educational and philanthropic. While maintaining a full year calendar of events for members, we establish and maintain long and short term philanthropic endeavor to support institutions in Israel, the United States, Poland and elsewhere.  Please consider making a charitable donation.

When making a donatiion or payment please provide instructions (ex. membership dues + donation, donation to welfare, general fund, in honor or memory of _____). Please  complete all contact information as well. 

* Acceptable spelling variations:  Cracow, Krakow, or Kraków.

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